Drain & Sewer Maintenance



 12 QT/CS

Airx RX 33 Grease Trap & Drain Maintainer

This bio-enzymatic complex works to liquefy grease, fats, organic matter and other potential blockages in grease traps, drains and drain lines. Billions of specially bred micro organisms lie dormant in every gallon of RX 33, then spring to action when they contact organic waste and release enzymes that attack, digest and liquefy the matter. Just like nature, but faster. With RX 33 lines can be free flowing without use of hazardous chemicals and without the vile job of hand cleaning. Add RX 33 manually or with easy to install, easy and inexpensive to operate automatic equipment.

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Drano® Institutional Formula - 32 oz.

Quickly and effectively opens drains. Dissolves food waste, grease, paper products, hair, soap curd and other organic matter. Formulated for institutional, commercial & industrial clogs. Heavier than water formula can be used in standing water.  12/cs

Alternate #90485