Shampoo - Hair & Body


GOJO® Spa Bath® Body & Hair Shampoo - Flat Top Gal.

Luxurious, enriched hands, hair and body soap. Ideal for use in health clubs & fitness centers. Herbal fragrance.  4/cs

Alternate #9155-04

Dial® Body & Hair Shampoo Refill - Gal.

Cleans the body while conditioning the hair. Hypoallergenic. pH balanced. Includes one pump per case.  4/cs

Alternate #03986

KC Kleenex® Luxury Foam Hair & Body Wash - 1 L

Light blue color. Use cassette dispenser: 92144, 92145.  6/cs

Alternate #091553

Kimberly-Clark® Scott® Hair and Body Wash - 800mL

A protein enriched hair and body shampoo alternative to regular bar soaps, that rinses clean without leaving a soapy residue. Citrus, Floral Fragrance.  12/cs

Alternate #091320